HOLIDAYCARDThe dark silent house brightened and hummed at 1AM when I finally arrived home after 4 days in New York City. The house hugged me as I dumped my bags in the mudroom and crawled straight away into bed. Happy to have a few hours of sleep before I would tear away again the next morning, I counted my blessings. And now, there is even more to be grateful for. Over the last week, I received several invitations for Thanksgiving dinners. Even Suki was invited to a few. Many, many thanks. But, more this year than ever, I look forward to Thanksgiving at home with my sweet inherited dog that has carried me through the most terrible troubles.

On Thursday, Suki and I will hike in the morning with friends. In the evening we’ll cuddle on the couch while I watch DVDs. In between, I will roast a turkey breast, cook up a yam dish with Calvados, make a gluten-free stuffing, watch the wildlife on the pond and read Alexandra Fuller’s Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness.

Have a cozy Thanksgiving, my readers, my friends. A toast to you all, to your happiness and healing. And to the memories of the ones we lost and love still. Cheers!

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