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life after loss

Garden of Loved Lives

Hi. I'm Robin Botie. Welcome to the garden of loved lives. My garden is your garden. It's our safe place to heal, share and grow. We can bring memories of the ones we love and miss to this garden and know we're in good company. We can bring our deceased parents, children, friends or pets out of the deep caves of our hearts. Because telling about our loved ones confirms they were here and our love was real. No one here will say grief is something to get through or get over.
Gardens are places for growing. We weed out the things that are negative. And we nurture and nourish the rest. We can use the memories of our loved ones to enrich ourselves, to carry us forward into the next chapters of our lives. It doesn't matter what religion you are or are not. You don't even have to like gardening here. You can share or just look. There are others. You are not alone.
I am not a counselor so I do not advise. But I welcome you and the memory of your love. Email me a jpg picture of the one you love and thought you lost and I will put his/her face in a flower in our garden. Email: robinbotie (at) gmail (dot) com

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