Altered Horizons 72

Altered Horizons 72 Robin Botie of Ithaca, New York, photoshops fabricated landscapes in dealing with depression and coping with loss.

As a recent graduate of David Kessler’s Grief Educator Program, I am viewing grief differently now: I see grief as the pain of having loved, and view the pain of loss as a catalyst for purposeful action. Harrowing wounds have become my cherished scars. And the life I once saw as ruined due to loss is now a full life that honors my beloved ones who died.

One also needs to be flexible in the ways of viewing things when creating fabricated landscapes. I flipped last week’s cement “sky” upside down to turn it into this week’s land. Then, in Photoshop, I changed last week’s red slate hill into this week’s teal blue sky. Or—if you can imagine moving the horizon line upwards off the picture—this week’s landscape becomes an aerial view over the shore of a calm bay.


Altered Horizons 72

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2 thoughts on “Altered Horizons 72

  1. Lucy Bergstrom

    What wonderful insight you have gained, both in your perspective on grief and you new viewpoint of the landscape. Hats off to you, Robin, intrepid adventurer!

    1. Robin Botie Post author

      Thank you, Lucy. Really, “intrepid adventurer” is making me laugh. Here I’ve been hunkering down in my house for over three years, not traveling at all, terrified of the possibility of getting COVID. The only intrepid adventuring I’ve been doing recently is cooking and dining. Sigh. It’s true though that I am pretty undaunted when it comes to food.


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