Altered Horizons 84

Altered Horizons 84 Robin Botie of Ithaca, New York, photoshops fabricated landscapes in dealing with depression and coping with loss.

Whether it’s a home I’m constructing or a mountain of mashed potatoes, building is about solving problems, getting around obstacles, making something that is more than just the materials being manipulated. It’s more than just quelling the yearnings that drive me to create things. For me, building is about hope and dreams. Piecing together some semblance of peace. And future.

I wish you all of these things: Hope. The realization of your dreams. Peace. And a bright future. Happy New Year. Happy 2023.

While photographing scattered debris on the concrete floor of a construction site, I came across this neat bundle of nails. In Photoshop I turned it into a heavenly body above the littered concrete to make this week’s fabricated landscape.


Altered Horizons 84

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4 thoughts on “Altered Horizons 84

  1. Sandy

    Hi Robin. I’m still here, finding you and reading your inspirational writings. Keep on, my friend, we need you as much as you need us. Cheers into 2023.

  2. Susan Stern

    I wish you a wonderful and happy and healthy 2023 and beyond. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Sandra Babuka

    Love this, Robin. I have been remiss at keeping up with your writings lately, but I am back at it. I love reading your work. It takes me in and helps me to understand, to acknowledge your presence and those sublimely present. You are a wonderful writer and artist. Thank you.


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