Come to My First Public Reading

When I read aloud to my friends, the words take me away. I trail behind the sound of my own voice on a soft wind that carries me over oceans and mountains, into deep gorges and dark pine forests. All the sweet and savory, whispering and roaring, bland and textured words pour out of me while I pretend I’m a bird with a million songs. I want to lull my listeners to peace at times and spew angry fire at them at others. Occasionally I peek up from my pages to see eyes begging me to continue. I am tall and strong then. The healing powers, the power to move people, and the power to live on grow in me. I lose myself and find myself in what I write and then read. And I feel hope. It’s back. And hope implies future. So I look forward to the sharing, and love the book like it’s a daughter, and carry on.

READINGMy First Public Reading

Sunday, August 4 at 3pm
in the Dewitt Mall between Cayuga & Tioga Street, Ithaca (607) 273-8246

I will be one of 8 writers reading new works, 8 minutes each.

Exciting and free event.
What part  should I read?
What shall I wear?
If you’re in Ithaca please come and listen and say hello afterwards.

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