Counting Blessings and Losses

In Ithaca, New York, Robin Botie's friends get together for a Mothers' Day brunch.3 friends got together for a Mothers’ Day brunch.
Only 1 of the 3 friends had a living mother. The other 2 kept their mothers in their hearts.
2 of the 3 friends brought their daughters. 1 of the 3 had her daughter in her heart.

2 of the 3 had 1 son each. The sons weren’t invited.
The 2 friends without mothers had living fathers. The 1 with the live mother had lost her father but had sisters. Neither of the other friends or their daughters had sisters. But that’s another story.

Of the 3 friends there were 4 former husbands, not invited. Putting the 3 friends and the 2 daughters together there was only 1 boyfriend. Currently.
No current husbands in the bunch.

The 5 women together had 4 houses, 9 cats, and 4 dogs, counting the boyfriend’s dog, not counting the friend’s dog that died 2 weeks ago. The dogs were invited to the brunch.

At the brunch they shared the 2 daughters. They drank and ate well, outside. The dogs played. A neighbor joined them. The resident cats disappeared.
In 2 days the 1 living mother would come to town and take the 3 friends out for dinner.
The 2 fathers would get together at the fatherless friend’s house whenever they were both in town.
If the friends pooled their blessings they could celebrate endlessly.

Of the 3 friends, if one doesn’t eat red meat and another won’t eat wheat, and the third doesn’t do dairy or dessert, what did they serve at the brunch besides fruit salad and mimosas?
If 1 drinks tea, 1 drinks coffee, and 1 drinks only water or wine depending on the time of day, how many mimosas did they all consume?

Sometimes it takes a village to have a brunch.

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10 thoughts on “Counting Blessings and Losses

    1. robinbot Post author

      I’m getting to really appreciate them too. My Havanese, Suki, is not crazy about them as they always try to herd her and boss her around. I can almost hear her say,”Oh no, not the corgis again,” each time they show up at the Sunday morning hikes. But I think they’re adorable. Must put more corgi pics in the page on my site. Thank you for your reply. Cheers!

  1. Elaine Mansfield

    How many individuals does it take to make a community of love and support? Let go of following the numbers and felt the love. I’m glad you had a Mother’s Day celebration with friends.. I still don’t know what you ate. Burritos with corn tortillas?


      I wanted to make it into one of those math problems but wasn’t clever enough to figure out how. It was fun. Thanks for checking in, Lynne.

  2. Kirsten Wasson

    Very sweet recounting of your mother’s day, Robin. Wish you were in the photo!!


      Hi Kirsten. One day I’ll have a tripod and remote shutter control and I’ll be able to get myself into the photos. But I like to think I have a presence in these photos just by the smiles and eye contact of my subjects. Well, I can tell myself that anyway until I make the investment in more equipment. Thanks for being out there. Cheers!

  3. Nicole

    This is so fun Robin!! I love the spin on our lovely brunch. And the photo looks great!!


      Nice new thumbnail photo of YOU. That WAS a great brunch. Hoping for a campfire next. Thanks for checking in.


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