Forgetting for a Time

ME-TREEOh No! The blackbirds are attacking my just-seeded lawn. The minks are gouging tunnels from the yard to the pond-banks. It’s tick season again. Marika’s birthday and Mothers’ Day are coming up. Oh, what time is it? Oooops – I’m late for my appointment.

“Do you remember what I was worrying about the past few days?” I phone my friend, Celia, who usually remembers everything.

“Why?” she asks, and then runs off a list. “Your manuscript, is it really done yet? Will you find an agent? Your son’s going to Afghanistan. You can’t fit everything into your days. What you’re going to wear, …”

“Oh yeah. I remember now.”

“Did you forget what you’re worrying about?” she asks, laughing in disbelief. I wasn’t ready to explain that I’d been photo-shopping all afternoon and had forgotten dinner and my daughter as well as whatever I’d been worrying about. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to lose myself and find myself in anything – I almost don’t mind that it’s bedtime and I haven’t had dinner yet. But maybe there’s still time to photo-shop one more picture.

What makes you forget your worries?

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