Photo-shopping for Healing

Rosco4Dan RoscoDreamAll week long I’ve been on the lookout for something funny or uplifting to write about. I can’t bear to photo-shop my frantic face for a third week in a row. But it has not been an uplifting week. I attended a memorial for a cancer-warrior friend, got a fever and a bloodshot eye from a shingles vaccine, broke a nail, barely rescued my car from being towed, and took seven ticks off my dog, Suki. Okay, I’m in the midst of dealing with death, surviving grief and looking for life after loss. But I have to do better than this. There must be some silliness somewhere in my life.

So on Saturday I go to my friend Celia’s house to photograph her dog, Rosco. I want to make a unique gift for Celia’s husband’s birthday. Doing things for others is one way I avoid depression. And a sure way to take any mind off trouble is to try to photograph a small but quick, squirming dog. It’s a crazy combination of fun and frustration.

Today I couldn’t wait to photo-shop the pictures of Rosco, a silly little chi-poodle with big dreams.

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