Something to Work For

“You’ve worked so hard on this book. Can’t you be satisfied with what it’s done for you? Why do you feel you have to publish it?” asks my friend, Annette, a published poet and fellow griever.

“I’m not sure. It gives me something else to focus on. Something to hope for and work for. And maybe it can be helpful to someone else.”

“Yeah, but you have to do all these other things in order to get it published,” she says.

“Well, maybe nursing a new goal and trying different things is helpful to healing. I haven’t wanted something so much since Marika was alive,” I say. “It feels good to want something again.”

“So how can I help? I’m ready, I’m willing. Read to me. I want more,” Annette begs.

“Then read on,” I say.


For days Suki was barking at the electric fireplace in my bedroom. I assumed a mouse was trapped behind it and ignored her. For days. Around the same time I noticed Suki had stopped begging me to play. She no longer followed me around the house squeaking her favorite toy, a green ball. Then one day I wanted to play with her but couldn’t find the squeaky green ball. I looked all over the house with Suki at my heels.

“Suki, where’s your green ball?” I finally asked her. And she immediately trotted to the fireplace and began to bark. Sure enough, stuck behind, out of her reach, was the green ball. We’d communicated, made a connection. We could play.

I need my readers’ help. All these wonderful comments you’re sending me via email can help demonstrate to a publisher that lots of people will buy my book. But the comments need to be sent directly through my blogsite to count. It means you have to first go to the site – easy – just click on the highlighted title at the top (left) of the weekly email that’s sent to you. A click on that bluish-green title takes you to the actual site. There you can view my entry as it was meant to be seen. And at the end of each posting there’s a place to leave a comment. Every time someone comments there, on the blogsite, my site’s analytic platform-measurement score grows. I don’t understand it myself. And it’s embarrassing to ask for your help. But this social media metrics is something I need to start attending to. Because I’m polishing the last chapters now and working on my book proposal. It won’t be long before publishers check out my site to see if I can gather, grow and hold an audience. So please click on the greenish title and comment bar. And let’s play – I mean communicate.

Thank you for reading.

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