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Time to Make Changes

Robin Botie of Ithaca, New York, Photoshops her inherited Havanese dog into a statue.“It’s a New Year, Suki,” I said to my dog, “and we’re gonna make some changes around here.” I tell all my ideas to my sweet, inherited dog. Cocking her head east and west, she listens.

“First of all, we’re going to clear out every cabinet and closet. And we’re gonna give away or get rid of whatever doesn’t give us joy. We’re gonna reinvent ourselves. The Internet is bursting with advice on how to change our lives. Our attitudes, our outlook, it all has to improve. I mean, who are we now? Where are we going? We need to start seeing ourselves in a different way. Be bold. No more concealing our feelings. We’re going to speak our minds more, and talk about our girl Marika more. We’re done hiding at home, gorging on cake. We’ll eat less and exercise more. We’ll play more. Read more. We need to laugh more, and sleep more. Yeah. You and me. Big changes. We’re gonna get up every morning at six and hike five times a week, even in the snow. What do you think, Suki? Can we do this?”



You can reinvent your life but can you reinvent your self?