Who or What is God?

Who or What is God? Robin Botie of Ithaca, New York, has an up-close encounter with a plant in a Tucson desert
There are places that make me want to sing. There are beautiful things that make me cry. Every so often something smacks me in this world and I am prompted to question everything I believe in. Then I stand stock-still and forget to breathe. Maybe even tremble.
“Who could create something like this?” I whisper. And if you know me you will not be surprised to hear me declare, “It’s a gift.”

If you put on your glasses and examine the insides of a flower, cut open a vegetable, or magnify the eye of an ant; if you step back to survey vast seas and skies, magnificent landforms; or close your eyes completely to meet the wind, the sun’s warmth, cooling mists of roaring waterfalls, the sound of a baby’s laughter tucked in your closet of memories; you might begin to find what some call God.

What makes you drop your jaw in awe?

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4 thoughts on “Who or What is God?

  1. Elaine Mansfield

    After years of meditation, studying philosophy and psychology, and visiting spiritual teachers, I don’t know much except that Nature holds mysteries and beauties that heal me at the hardest times. I know we’re doing in the Earth in so many ways and the bluebirds still haven’t arrived this year, but despite my worry, life is greening and color has returned and the sun is strong. Thank you for your poignant reminder of Earth Goddess.

    1. Robin Botie Post author

      Yes, somehow Earth Goddess always comes through although at times she has you wondering. All the back and forth between cold and warm days, gray and bright, brave daffodils surfacing only to get frozen through the next day – it drives me crazy. But it all works out in the end. Green spreads, birds return, sunny days eventually outnumber the ones that got clouded over. Thank you for being out there watching too.

  2. Annette Corth


    I am awestruck by choral music, opera, dramatic sunsets, stormy skies, abstract paintings, the vastness and grandeur of waterfalls, snow-covered craggy mountains, emerging flowers, pageants and parades, the power of friendship and love.

    1. Robin Botie Post author

      Well, Annette, you’re one of the people I was thinking about THIS week then, when I wrote how some folks celebrate every moment. I agree. Cheers!


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