Altered Horizons 32

Altered Horizons 32 Robin Botie of Ithaca, New York, photoshops a fabricated landscape for all the people who are missing someone or something this holiday.

Holiday wishes: This year my heart goes out to the people who aren’t where they wish they could be, or who aren’t with the loved ones they yearn to be with. The people for whom someone or something is missing. I’m wishing you sweet comfort wherever and however you are. May the sad circumstances you find yourself in for the holidays yield a gentle unexpected peace.

At Cornell University’s Lake Source Cooling Plant, there were waves of rolled mesh supported by laths of wood and metal. I didn’t know what they did or were for but they quietly reflected the light, and I could imagine tiny creatures walking the smooth length of them. But where was the water, I wondered? And how would all this cool it? Cornell’s water and the lake water never mix. In Photoshop, for a black sun over the mesh-screened landscape, I imported the image of a nearby completely dry flanged pipe that conducted who-knows-which water who-knows-where. The lake seemed impossibly far away.



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2 thoughts on “Altered Horizons 32

  1. Linda Crombie

    I lost my Dad to covid in September. I am missing him this holiday season. He lived to be 94. Your daughter died much too young. How hard it must be to carry on.I am so sorry.

    Altered Horizons 32 caught my eye. I love the textures.

    Tucker and I have settled in Englewood Florida. He loves the beach. Tucker is a 4 year old, 95 pound Golden Retriever.

    1. Robin Botie Post author

      Hi Linda. I’m sorry about your Dad. Oh, COVID. It’s blasting apart some of the best parts of our lives. Dads and holidays – I hope you are blessed with many beautiful memories. Something tells me I know you, or knew you. In Ithaca. Years ago. Something about dogs and computers? Sorry, but losing a loved one can wipe out a whole lot of other stuff in one’s brain. I hope you are liking Florida. It is gray and freezing and depressing here in Ithaca. If it weren’t for all the COVID I would be visiting my sister and son in Florida. Glad you have Tucker. And a beach. A Golden on a beach – that must be comforting. Cheers!


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