Altered Horizons 52

Altered Horizons 52 Robin Botie of Ithaca, New York, photoshops a fabricated landscape as part of her dealing with depression and coping with change.

In this fabricated landscape, a smooth rock from my garden hovers over a shagbark hickory tree that I flipped to its side in Photoshop, to create a shaggy windswept field. For me, combining scratchy and slick textures is even more engaging than working with colors. But I wonder, if I add blues, can I change this field into an ocean? This will be a small adventure for me on some rainy afternoon when, immersed in Photoshop, I will be distracted from feeling the hollowness in my heart.


Altered Horizons 52

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4 thoughts on “Altered Horizons 52

  1. Lucy Bergström

    Dear Robin,
    It gives me associations to a nest with a big egg in it. Just like this time of year, with all the dramas of nestlings falling out and being threatened by cats – or in the case of one pathetic blackbird-toddler a few days ago, the nest was so poorly built that it fell out of a bush. The neighbors’ cats were very keen, but Eigil put the nest back in the bush and put the baby bird back in the nest 🪺. The parents were calling to it a bit later, so they didn’t reject it, as they sometimes do.
    I appreciate your fascination with texture over color. The shag bark hickory sure is shaggy!!
    Love ❤️ Lucy

    1. Robin Botie Post author

      Lucy, I love the image I have of big Eigil carefully putting the nest and tiny baby bird back in place. Yeah, I guess my rock does look kinda egg-like. And the textures of bark and background scrub do have a nesty feel. I hope you like what I did with that shaggy shagbark in this week’s photo, where I tried to turn it into an ocean. Cheers, Lucy.


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