Altered Horizons 54

Altered Horizons 54 Robin Botie of Ithaca, New York, photoshops a fabricated landscape using pondweed which she regularly pulls from her pond as a calming activity for which she is grateful.

Most days now you can find me in my tiny boat on the pond, pulling out pondweed and piling it on the banks. It’s an endless chore but a calming one. And I’m grateful for it, knowing that one day I will not have the pond or the boat or the energy to do this.

If you turn this photo upside down you will see my pond so thick with weeds that the reflections of the nearby trees are nearly obliterated.

Altered Horizons 54

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2 thoughts on “Altered Horizons 54

  1. Lucy Bergström

    Dear Robin,
    It’s a labor of love ❤️! Yes, some day someone else will be doing that chore and enjoying the reflections in your pond, the dragonflies and swallows, the fronts… But right now, you are there! And you do have the energy to take care of everything.
    Love, Lucy

    1. Robin Botie Post author

      Still laboring with love, Lucy. This week it’s trying to get rid of the pollen and cottonweed. It’s never-ending, all this work to keep the pond comfortably swim-able. But yes, I am hereand able, and loving the frogsounds and dragonflies. Cheers, Lucy.


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