Altered Horizons 60

Altered Horizons 60 Robin Botie of Ithaca, New York, photoshops fabricated landscapes in her therapeutic photography, dealing with depression and coping with grief.

The algae I pull from the pond almost daily is heavy and saturated. It drops from my rake in thick wooly sheets that often contain tiny snails or squirming baby turtles that wriggle their way back into the water before I can photograph them. The heavy dumped algae, drained of its water, seems to drink up the light. It is such a contrast to the peony with its soft, delicate petals reflecting the sunlight and fluttering slightly in the air. To me it’s like the difference between life and death, elation and depression, a luminous moon and a messy muddy swamp.

In Photoshop I combine algae and peonies over and over again in fabricated landscapes.


Altered Horizons 60


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