First Snow

First Snow Robin Botie of Ithaca, New York, photographs trees after the first snowfall, beautiful but depressing.

It’s so beautiful, that first snow of the season. But it’s so darn depressing.

Photograph brought to you by Robin Botie.

What’s something wonderful about winter?

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2 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. Mary

    How the snow muffles all of the too jazzed sounds of the world, that’s a pleasing sound for me. I find it only in snow, in winter. ❄️

    1. Robin Botie Post author

      I think I know what you mean, Mary. Snow really does have a beautiful, haunting, muffling sound that captivates and comforts. Much as I rant about horrible, cold, damp, dark winter, I actually love watching snow falling. Especially in the early morning when you can almost hear the flakes hitting the ground.


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