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Signs from the Other Side

Signs from the Other Side -- In Ithaca, New York, Robin Botie Photoshops brownies and a glass of wine in front of a raccoon that sits, waiting on the deck of her home.A big fat raccoon stood peering into my dining room from the other side of the sliding glass door. My inherited dog scrabbled at the door, yelping. For a second I froze in fear. Big. Too close. Rabies. Sharp teeth. Claws that could scrape my flesh.

The dog raked her nails on the glass. I banged my palms and howled alongside her.

The raccoon hardly budged. The dog and I continued to shriek at it. But the coon just stood there with paws begging limply before her. She stayed, looking at us a little too long, looking more hurt than scared by all the carrying on.

It wasn’t until I got out my camera that the raccoon retreated to a corner of the deck. There she sat, watching us. Like she was expecting to be served brownies and wine.

It’s just too easy sometimes to wonder if the fox that trots by everyday, or the bird that flies multiple circles overhead, or the wind that drops a dollar bill by my feet isn’t my daughter who died, keeping watch over me.


Have you ever received a “sign” from your loved one who died? Do you believe it is possible?